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Complaints of runny noses, itchy eyes and sore throats— this scenario is becoming all too common today. From mold on books, papers, inside wall cavities, ceiling tiles and other building contents microbial contamination is rampant in many buildings for many different reasons. Even the new energy saving programs that require air-conditioning to be turned off on weekends, holidays and other times the building is not occupied can create sources of contanimation.

The spores of fungi are always present in the air and on objects, dormant, waiting for the perfect conditions of high humidity and warm temperatures to grow. Once growth begins, it spreads quickly, devouring everything in its path and using the item it is growing on as a food source. Since microbial growth is exponential, quick response is imperative to control the menace. Dehumidification is effective in arresting the growth, but the active growth and spores must be removed, and the cause of the outbreak identified and corrected. 

RESTORxDKI offers a complete Mold Mitigation Package for our Clients that includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Consulting Services
  • Mold Mitigation and Abatement Services
  • Pre and Post Testing Services *
  • Moisture Testing and Documentation
  • Drying Services
  • Expert Witness *

Providing Washington w/ Mold Remediation Services since 1995

RESTORxDKI has been providing Mold Mitigation and Abatement Services in Western Washington with documented results and satisfied clients since 1995 (far longer than any other Company in the region). 

RESTORxDKI is experienced in the remediation of libraries, record centers, courthouses, museum artifacts, special collections, office buildings, schools, hotels and other facilities that have become infested.

RESTORxDKI's trained personnel can handle all phases of remediation to stabilize the environment, remove the mold growth, and return your building and contents to a safe and healthy condition.

RESTORxDKI likes to stay green with Benefect products. From disinfectants to cleaners, our Benefect products are good for mold remediation without being harmful on the environment.
*May be a Third Party

1. RESTORx of Washington does not guarantee the complete removal of Mold or any Microbiological substance on any material. We do guarantee Professional Workmanship and Stat of the Industry "Best Practices".

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