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1986 to Present

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Rick joined Speidel International, Inc. in 1986. Speidel was heavily involved in accelerated drying of commercial construction projects throughout the Puget Sound Region. Speidel employed a drying technology that traced its roots back to post WWII Europe, and the preservation of historic buildings.

Upon entering the business, Rick discovered that very few Insurance Repair or Mitigation Contractors employed any techniques to salvage wet or water damaged materials, when given assignments. Rick, very quickly, was able to demonstrate to most of the Insurance and Mitigation Repair firms in our Region the value of drying water damaged materials in place. Speidel soon became the dominant force in partnership with these Insurance contractors, as a Drying Subcontractor.

In 1989, Rick designed, produced and was later awarded a United States Utility Patent for a lightweight, low energy use, active desiccant dehumidifier, that became one of the most popular drying tools in the region. The units were also sold and used throughout the US and Canada.

RESTORx of Washington was started in 1992 to add the complete line of Insurance Mitigation services to our portfolio. RESTORx presently provides an unprecedented array of Emergency Service Capability services including Fire, Water, Smoke, Hazardous Material, Mold, Consulting, Expert Witness and Business Interruption and Continuity Planning. RESTORx’s customer list includes many Insurance Carriers, Various School Districts, Property Management Companies, Large Corporate and Individual Commercial Property Owners.


Rick came to Speidel in 1986 with a construction and building background involving residential, multifamily and light commercial projects. Rick has spent years studying and developing strategies and drying techniques for building envelopes and materials. He is considered an industry expert on Drying Strategies and Implementation for Building Envelopes and Materials.

Rick has also been an active member in the Restoration Industry Association, (formerly known as The Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration) for the last 20 years and was a founding member of the Water Loss Institute, (WLI).

In 2006, RESTORx joined DISASTER KLEENUP INTERNATIONAL (DKI) as a Network Member. DKI is North America’s leading network of quality, independent property damage restoration contractors. By virtue of this membership, we can utilize DKI’s 24 Hour Call Center, it’s DIAMOND Claims Tracking Technology, and other tools to enhance our ability to serve our insurance and property management customers. “We are pleased to announce our affiliation with DKI. DKI represents the best of the best contractors in the Restoration Industry. We feel that DKI’s Mission Statement and Code of Conduct reflect our values of being a Market Leader and subscribing to the highest ethical standards.”

- Rick Bevins
RESTORx of Washington

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