Thermal Imaging

RESTORx of Washington now incorporates the use of Thermal Imaging in our water damage services. Thermal imaging is a type of infrared imaging, using thermographic cameras that detect radiation and produce images of that radiation. Thermal Imaging cameras are used to identify areas where water damage may have occurred and offer a non-destructive way to test and quickly scan for the presence of moisture. The cameras make it easy to find water problems, verify dryout, find missing insulation, and pinpoint building defects in real time. The camera functions very similar to an x-ray of a building, in that when we are searching for water leaks and possible water damage, it reveals evidence of leaks and/or damage that is invisible to the naked eye.

RESTORx is now using Fluke's Flexcam R2 with Fusion! This revolutionary IR-Fusion Technology helps us to better detect the smallest temperature variations to track down the origin of problems and allows us to fully document the extent of remediation. IR-Fusion Technology captures a visible light image in addition to the infrared image and takes the mystery out of IR image analysis. The real power behind the IR-Fusion is the Smartview Software. We can capture and annotate hundreds of corresponding visible and infrared images in the field and quickly import them into the SmartView Software. This technology helps to better identify details, manage and analyze images and produce professional reports quickly and easily to enable restoration to be done right the first time! This camera also allows us to download thermal images into our Xactimate estimating software, so that we can provide a thorough and competitive estimate for our customers.

Images can be optimized with 5 viewing modes:

1 Full IR-  For detecting the smallest temperature variations to track down the origin of problem and fully document the extent of remediation.
2 Picture-in-Picture-  For creating an IR 'window' surrounded by a visible light frame to easily identify thermal anomalies, while maintaining a frame of reference with surroundings.
3 Alpha Blending- For combining visible and infrared mages together in any ratio to create a single image with enhanced detail that will help in precisely  locating problems.
4 IR/Visible Alarm- For displaying only temperatures that fall above, below, or in between a specified range, leaving the rest of the scene as a fully visible light image.
5 Full Visible Light-  A bright, detailed pixel-for-pixel reference image of subject areas for documentation and reporting

Typical applications:

Moisture detection: Accurately detect moisture behind interior walls, in ceilings, and under carpets.
Mold remediation: Control mold by revealing undetected sources of moisture.
Roofing: Detect water-saturated insulation in flat-roof systems 


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