Trauma Scene Cleanup Tips

In the event of a death, people are often too distraught to logically seek out a professional service to clean up. Police and ambulance services are usually early arrivals, but they have little to do with anything but the paperwork involved in the police report. Next to arrive are members of the coroner’s
office, or the firm they hire to remove the body. These individuals can be helpful to the building owners in correcting the scene.

Did you know?

  • You will often be left to deal with the aftermath of a trauma scene on your own.
  • The Police, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technicians or the Medical Examiners offices DO NOT clean up the trauma scene when they have finished. They have neither the time nor the expertise and most are forbidden to even refer you to a specialist in Trauma Scene Cleanup.
  • There are few truly qualified companies that can assist you in handling these complex situations.
  • There are serious, often life-threatening risks, such as HIV and Hepatitis involved if you attempt a cleanup on your own.
  • There are strict governmental restrictions involving the clean up and disposal of bio-hazardous waste from a trauma scene. OSHA FORBIDS the clean up of these disasters by untrained personnel.

RESTORx DKI is a professional, full time remediation company with 30 years experience. We are trained in specific areas such as PPE, Universal Precautions, and Blood Borne Pathogens. RESTORx follows strict guidelines imposed by OSHA and WISHA and the Department of Health in removing bio-hazardous/biomedical waste. We will work with the property owner’s insurance and can handle the insurance paperwork for the property owner.

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